Thailand is for lovers 

So summer is upon me and I had time to go to Chiang Mai Thailand again with Y. We left Taichung for Taipei after what felt like ages finally arriving to the airport. Our flight with V-Air was quite nice and they have a very cool staff. 

We got there and hailed the infamous red truck-songthaew- and was bound for Hug Hostel. By the time we found the hostel got checked in- it was time for dinner and a walk to 7-11!! Then bed. Our first night was very quick and tired from the flight. Dinner was at the hostel where I had a chicken burger and Y had tom yam with chicken.

 Our 2 day was at Elephant Nature Park and my birthday day!! Happy 28 to me! ( We did a day tour at the park. I went here a few years ago but I wanted Y. to see the park, the elephants, and learn about them. It was great! We spent some time with the elephants feeding them, walked around the park and I got in the river to bathe them again

​Check out the baby elephant who broke his barrier to join the crowd. If you touch a baby the mother, aunt and his nanny will become very upset and call everyone around to attack. Do not touch the baby! 

ENP is a huge plot of land that has been adapted to adopt elephants from trekking, logging, circus, street begging and other harmful and horrid things. Elephants are gental creatures and will show you love if you show them love.  The mahouts (trainers like pictured above) are the people who spend most time with their elephants and it is beautiful to see the love they give to their elephant and the love the elephant gives back. 

After the park we got back to rest. We headed toward the night market but stopped to get foot massages. After the massage we decided to take the evening to get our shopping done and walk around. We found the Mecca of all night markets-  Anusarn market. We walked and shopped for over 2 hours. Our dinner was delicious pad thai and more tom yum and I had fresh coconut icecream. 

pad Thai dinner at a local spot

​On day 3 before leaving the old city we took a temple tour! After we had Thai massage by rehabilitated women’s prisoners. That massage was much needed! 

I have been to Chaing Mai before but never visited the popular old temples. Going with Y was so much fun! 

We went inside a temple to rest and cool down and ended up getting a blessed bracelet by a monk!

We took a break to have lunch at this sweet lady’s shop. It was very affordable and I think my favorite me awhile we were there!

After our temple tour and lunch we headed to our next bed at a lovely resort called Narittaya (


Our first night here was lovely and relaxing. It was a private pool villa 30 min drive outside of the old city. It was lovely but despite the rain and circumsantaces beyond my control (see post “the fight with my stomach”) it was a bummer but still a lovely place with excellent staff! I was able to enjoy joy dinner and the pool  our first night there. 

On day 4 we went on an adventure to a shopping mall/grocery store! My tip for traveling is to bring back local snacks and get them from grocery stores- so Mach cheaper! Despite me feeling sick I had a lot of fun shopping. 

Y and a Thai soda

Our loot from the market! 

Deliciously amazing chicken noodle soup


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