A mermaid soul always prevails. 

My first stop in Vietnam was Da Nang. A small beach town located in the center of the country. 

The hostel I stayed in was 1812 Boutique Hostel. The hostel itself was very conviently located near the beach. Staff was friendly enough and it was very clean. It was a good budget hostel. 

Da Nang itself is a pretty small place with not much to do as far as tourist attractions which is good if you want to get a peak at Local Vietnamese life. 

With a 10 min walk from the hostel you can find some delicious local food

shrimp and crab noodles (above)

I dedicated the first day there to the beach for getting my “mermaid on”. I wish I had taken into consideration the strength of the sun. After 2 hours I had a decent burn and was out of commission from the beach after that. The beach in Da Nang was quite lovely, not crowded until well after 2 and the water was much cleaner than NC oceans. 

I rented a scooter for the day and took off for Marble Mountain.The mountains are suppose to take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete all of it, but the saying goes “she. You see one temple you see them all”- I got bogged down with Buddhist temples and caves so i left after 2 hours. Don’t let that stop you from going- the view is beautiful!  The entrance fee is 15,000VND for the mountain and then I paid the fee to and take the elevator up to “hike” around the water moutain. The rest of them are free. They are a group of 5 mountains (metal, water, wood, fire, earth) created from limestone and marble. Legend says  an old man who lived on the coast of Danang, was fishing when a dragon came and left an egg. After the dragon disappear from the waters came a golden turtle, who claimed to be the god Kim Quy. The turtle told the old man it was his mission to protect this dragon egg with his life- the old man unable to cope with the dangers, decided to bury the dragon egg in the land. The egg slowly grew until hatched. The dragon egg shell broke into 5 pieces, forming into the 5 elements which in turn are the Marble Mountains.

I also took a car and went up to the Lady Buddha. Both Marble Mountain and Lady Buddha are pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. Lady Buddha is beautiful. She is created out of 1 slab of marble.

That concluded my short trip in Da Nang as I only had 3 days and 2 nights there. I do recommend being there on a Friday or Saturday to see the dragon bridge light up and spit fire. My trip ended shortly before the weekend.

dragon bridge from the taxi



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