Moon Festival Adventures

It is that time of year again when we get two extra glorious days off to make a 4 day weekend for Moon Festival.

Usually we would go somewhere but since I was switching jobs we opted to stay in town- and upon doing so we had a blast!

We had 2 full days of adventure waiting for us.

On Saturday (After the Friday night playing monopoly for about 3-4 hours) we decided to get out despite the weather of the hovering typhoon.

Our first stop on Saturday was this quaint and darling Tibetan Buddhist temple in town. (No. 147, Yonglong Rd, Dali District, Taichung City, 412)

It was the most beautiful temple I visited. I actually wanted to move in- I loved how everything was wooden. Next door was a shop where I found lovely notebooks and a calendar for next year (I need to await it’s arrival tho) 


After the temple we headed off to an abandon mansion which was wonderful! I think abandon buildings are so beautiful and when I am there i imagine what it was like at the time it was thriving, what the people were doing, the sounds and surroundings. I know it’s not Y’s thing, but I am so happy she took me there for a little bit. If you want to read more about it… there is an awesome blog post by Synapticism 突觸主義


Our last stop for the day was Donghai Art Street (東海國際街) this was a wonderful little street filled with old, cute shops and cafes. We arrived early and some stuff was closed due to the time or because the impending typhoon but it was still good. We went in all the shops we could and had wonderful Italian food. 

On Sunday we took advantage of the good weather and went to Dakeng for some hiking. It is not Ys thing but I think she had a good time anyway. We hiked up the easy trails (up  trail 6 and down trail 7). For us it was still a challenge since I haven’t hiked in a long time and she doesn’t really enjoy it- there were SO MANY STAIRS! 

we conqured the hike! this was the end of trail 6


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