Rainbows and Love All Around

This weekend was the annual pride parade in Taipei. This might seem a shock to some of you but this is my first big pride event. I have only attended pride in the small city I went to college in.

The morning started off with a train ride to the big city then to drop our bag off at the hotel. After that we headed to the meeting place but first DELICIOUS Mexican food at Nala’s. Affordable and filling. Highly recommended.



After a short walk to the meeting spot I was shocked at how many people there. There ended up being a count of over 85,000 people there. We waited a while for the actual walk to being which gave us time to observe all the love and take photos. Once the walk began people split up into two groups. One group walked north and the other group walked south. We joined the latter of the two. The weather held out about halfway and then started to lightly rain for a good bit. We walked a bout 3/4 of it then headed back to the hotel because my foot couldn’t take anymore walking. I had a fantastic time celebrating and defiantly would fight the crowds again next year!



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