Taichung Creativity Park

A random adventure day around Taichung. There is so much to do and see in the city that I live in, that I forget. By that I mean I have lived in walking distance of this place and I have not gone until now.

Not far from Taichung train station rests this quaint creativity park. This park has many spaces and holds many exhibitions. The first of the must see is one that is open all year round. It’s also apart of the Taichung winery. You get a small history of wine, beer and Taiwan 58. It’s really cool and somewhat hands on!


There are many other smaller shops and exhibitions to see but not all exhibits are in English. We did stumble into this rad art gallery tho! The two graffiti pieces are from an artist named  Mr. Ogay. His art seems to be pretty political which is fantastic. The other are just two random pictures since I like cute things.


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