The Queens’ Head lives in Yehliu!

We took a trip to Yehliu to visit the Geo Park. It was a chilly and wet day, but it did not stop us nor the thousands of tourists that went. Though crowded, the park is nice and spread out with many areas for resting along the way. I do recommend to take walking shoes because it is a bit of walking if you want to see each rock formation. We took the bus from Taiepi main station and walked to the park from the main road.


The price of admission for us was 80 NT a person. They are open from 8am – 5pm and other information can be found on their website.

This park is composed of many famous rock formations that have become eroded due to weathering and wave-cutting from the sea. These rocks have taken formation of famous shapes and figures. The most famous being the queens head. This got its name because it looks like the head of an ancient queen. Other rocks include mushroom rocks, cute princess II and honeycomb rocks. It is really cool to see how nature can create art on its own.

Queens Head
honeycomb formations

Please note that some of the figures have been recreated from plastic for picture taking purpose, because this is a natural environment some of the rocks are on their way to being destroyed just as naturally as they were created. The neck of the queens head is becoming thinner over the years and will one day fall.

This was a nice and relaxing trip to take. After we had finished we went to search for food. We found a spot at 野柳海灣美食

(號 1 樓, No. 66, Gangdong Rd, Wanli District, Keelung City, 207
02 2492 7708)

We had some delicious salmon friend rice and some fried fish. If you find yourself visiting the park, I highly suggest visiting here for lunch. Yenni had a traditional rice dish which is not pictured. For us lunch was 300 NT.


After we had finished, we were not ready to head back to Taipei so we headed to the main road to catch a bus to the hot spring area. It is about a 20 minute bus ride from Yehliu to the hot spring area. There were several places to chose from, and we decided on The Loft for an hour of private hot spring.

I was not disappointed as the water was from the ocean and did wonders for my skin. It was also a clean and refreshing facility, defiantly worth the 700 NT we paid for the hour. It included towels, shampoo and soap, even a hair dryer!


Relaxing in a hot spring was by far the best way to wind down after walking around Yehliu



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