The food of Ximen and beyond

Staying around Ximen night market is good because there is a close access to everything, but the down fall is there is just so much food.

Here are some of the places we checked out this time around.

Hong do bing is a cake traditionally filled with red bean but over time there are more and more fillings. This stand in Ximen has more choices than any other stand I have seen yet. The cheese and the sweet potato mochi are the two we tried and defiantly worth the long line.


Shaved ice is my weakness. Well anything that resembles icecream. Here are two different shaved ice places we tried. The first one (xinmen mango shaved ice) is a mixed fruit ice with mango icecream and was 210 NT.

The second one is a mango shaved ice that was somewhere between 140-160 NT, I don’t remember exactly. I prefer the latter of the two.

We found this amazing vegetarian pizza place that sells vegan cheese. It’s called So Free pizza 西門店 located at 萬華區西寧南路50巷1號 Taipei 108

I want to say again THIS IS NOT VEGAN.
I ordered the mushroom and asparagus while my better half got the lava pizza.  The lava pizza is just as spicy as the level 5 indicator on their menu suggests, it has a kick.
Each pizza is a personal size and is 185 NT a person. They did raise the price over Chinese New Year so it’s best to ask if you go on a holiday to confirm prices.
The decor was lovely, very cozy and the outside seating upstairs was amazing, it was just too chilly for us so we moved inside.


There is a ramen shop that is located in Xiemen and Dongmen but it is all pork. I had brunch with a friend so by the time we had met back up I didn’t need to eat so Yenni was free to go where she liked, which means ramen. She says it is delicious but make sure you go early because there is a wait.

This place is not in Xiemen but you just need to hop on the MRT down to Dongmen and go out of exit 5. There is a lovely coffee shop

I got a smoked salmon, potato and horseradish bagel and a peanut butter latte. Both the drink and food were amazing and paired great with the atmosphere and decore of the shop. The shop is called “nom nom” and you can find it on facebook. The location is at     大安區潮州街137號, Taipei, Taiwan

The last place on our trip was an all you can eat vegi hot pot restaurant! We stumbled on this place because we were walking around in search of food. This is by far my favorite hot pot place because it was all vegi. I was able to have vegi hot dogs and vegi blood which I have not been offered anywhere else. It was 450 NT a person, but did I mention it’s all you can eat! They are on facebook as 鈺成素食火烤二吃 and located at  市民大道三段304號 Taipei, Taiwan


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