Shape me as you will, I am made of clay

So a few weeks ago we were bored and needed to change up our normal weekend routine, and we had an adventure. We ended up going to this clay house. It is a place where you pay for clay and you sit and create. It is pure and childlike, and I LOVED IT! There are examples you can use to help you if you are lost. The staff is friendly to help if there is something you don’t understand. They even have picture frames, wooden boxes and stuff of the sort where you put it together first and then create with the clay. It is something I would love to go back to do soon and highly recommended for children.

Their Facebook page

The process is simple. You go- buy your clay which comes in basic primary colors, if you need accessories you will purchase them too – then find a table and create.


They offer a chart on what colors to mix to create your chosen secondary color.

Inside there is also a section of work others have done, which is amazing. It is all intricate and beautiful. There were doll houses with fairies, sculptures of people and even land marks! It is so easy to spend the whole day here.


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